Swimming Pool Chemicals

Chemicals for swimming pools

Granular Chlorine, Pool Acid, Soda ash, Alum, ….

Cooling Tower/Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Continues maintenance can prevent the many problems that could rise among boilers and in the cooling towers of central air conditioning systems. We can provide a wide range of effective chemicals that eliminate the formation of algae and will also prevent corrosion which will enhance the life span of the equipment while maintaining operational efficiency.

Water treatment chemicals.

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

We provide a series of effective chemicals with imported active ingredients for water and waste water treatment plants to increase performance and are available in both liquid and solid forms.

  • Supper Floculater
  • Accelerator
  • pH (+)
  • pH (-) HCL Acid
  • Liquid Chlorine 5%
  • Floculator
  • Stabilized Chlorine
  • Liquid Chlorine 1%
  • Liquid Chlorine 10%

Other Products

  • Alumina Feric
  • Filter Sand
  • Costic Soda
  • Activated Carbon
  • Soda Ash