Monitoring and Maintenance

Maintenance of The Water Treatment Plants

We manufacture and market a series of effective chemicals with imported active ingredients for portable and waste water treatment plants to further assure the performance of it and these chemicals are available in liquid and solid forms for the convenience of the customers. Still our chemical engineers are there to visit the client regularly and to give necessary assistance at any given time round the clock.

Maintenance of The Swimming pools

Do you feel that the regular maintenance of the swimming pool is warring yourself much? Call us, our well trained and experienced pool attendants are there to take up the burden and to release you from the strain by coming to your door-step regularly and attending to your needs. They not only will vacuum or clean the pool but also, they have the capability of analyzing the pool water and check whether the parameters are at the required levels by adding necessary chemicals. The surprise is that all these happens for a reasonable charge within the affordable limits.

Monitoring of Water Treatment in Cooling Towers and Boilers

Numerous and endless problems appearing in the cooling towers in central air conditioning systems and the boilers have paved the way to the uses of such systems to treat the water in that as a preventive measure. The cost benefit of it by bringing down the cost for electricity or any fuel used and by offering the user an uninterrupted smooth running has shown all the entrepreneurs the value of it. At Blue Water Systems International, we market a wide range of effective chemical for elimination of algae formation, descaling, Scale prevention, corrosion prevention to expand the life span of the system while operating efficiently. The most important factor is our experience chemical engineers who will visit the customer regularly to see the performance of the water treatment program while analyzing the water and to give their recommendation or any special instructions if required and to issue the certificate of confidence to assure the effectiveness of the program.